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Courtney Smith

Senior Project Manager

As the Senior Project Manager for Newcastle Partners in the Southern California office, Ms. Smith is responsible for overseeing multiple large ground-up development projects in a lead project management role. She performs comprehensive duties relating to the purchase, finance, development, and sale/lease of properties. She is also tasked with managing NPI’s Southern California office portfolio, including leasing and property/asset management. Courtney has been affiliated with commercial/industrial real estate her entire life and brings a fresh perspective with her involvement in the firm’s operations. In 2016, Courtney received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from the University of Miami, graduating with a 3.8 GPA. Before devoting her work fulltime to Newcastle in 2017, Courtney served as the Director of Marketing for a leading east coast events production company. Today, she utilizes her analytical and innovative mind to further the scope and execution of Newcastle’s west coast marketplace ventures.